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Dr. Katherine Grace Morris Makes Your Space Work for You

It's all about the feeling created by the space. I recently bought an iPhone at a phone store instead of at the Apple store. I regret it to this day. My phone works fine, but it never got imbued with the sparkle of the Apple store and I wish it had. Shopping in this store turned what would have been a fun uplifting experience into a downer.  Because the store itself was anything but hip, smart or cool, I didn't feel hip, smart or cool. It was all because of the space.    

The effects of space don't stop with stores. We all know what the beautifully arranged bedroom or an organized office does for our peace of mind and ability to focus. Getting our spaces in working order can be easier said than done. I've read countless books on design and organizing. They helped, but never addressed the underlying reasons for my struggle to keep various spaces in good working condition or prevented my space from becoming messy again. The study Feng Shui combined with psychological concepts changed all that.

I've been creating attractive high-functioning residential and commercial spaces for clients (and myself) for years.

 Anyone in transition - moving, changing their marital status, family size, up or downsizing their home, upleveling their business or professional space - will make their transition far easier with a feng shui psychology assessment and change guide. Your space can be an asset or a deficit. You will be affected by your space, so why not make it work for you?

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