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Forensic Feng Shui Psychology: Case Study

Todd, an articulate enthusiastic middle aged businessman, had a hi-tech application he was seeking investors for.  Todd's  initial conversations with potential investors took place in a neutral location and left them excited and leaning toward investing. A second meeting was set up.


The second meeting took place in Todd's business, which was a retail store. The store conveyed information about Todd that was at odds with everyone's first impressions of him and his investment.  The store while attractive and clean, analyzed through a Feng Shui Psychology lens, showed a lack of focus, little attention to detail, a lack of follow-through, and probable money loss.  Questions about the space confirmed that each of these concerns were in fact valid.  The store was losing money, and further, Todd had has his wallet stolen from the store.  These findings did not augur well for the investors.


​At a third meeting, haivng been cautioned about Todd's issues as demonstrated by his store, Todd was asked for additional financial information and business plan documents. He was unable to provide what was asked for, and the investors decided against doing a deal with him despite the attractiveness of the technology he was offering.  


The bottom line's health can be assessed forensically by a Feng Shui Psychology assessment.

If you have a business you want to invest in, or improve, save time, lower your risk, and increase your odds of success by contacting me for a Forensic Assessment.


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