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All built structures -- from office towers to retail stores to real estate developments --  are influenced by unconscious factors and archetypal patterns.   When perceptions and experiences of a built environment become invested with the power of an archetype, they command our attention and influence how we orient ourselves.  


     Each built environment has an underlying archetype it evokes: the office tower with posh offices on the highest floors and strong security presence at the front entrance embodies the castle archetype.  That archetype influences the perception and behavior of those who enter.  Roles become defined by the space.  A woman who works on the top floor is imbued with a regal role and power. Once she leaves the building her archetypal context changes and so does her perceived, and perhaps experienced, role.  When she walks down the street to the deli, outside the context of the 'castle', she is simply a customer. 


     Leveraging the power of an archetype, through the use of Feng Shui appropriate architectural materials, lighting, layout, color schemes, furnishings, and other environmental elements, that will influence productivity, perception,  creativity, and relationships.  


    Feng Shui Psychology's 25 Point Space Success Quotient© identifies and implements needed changes to your space works for you instead of against you.


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