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Communicate Your
Value with Your Space

Good space design tells your customer you understand them.

Jeff loved retail and wanted to create a store that would be parent and kid friendly while showing off his merchandise in the best manner. The neutral color scheme of the wooden fixtures signaled kid-friendly and let the colorfulness of the clothing to shine through.


Placement of the clothing was also done with the age of the children in mind. Baby clothes were up high since babies weren't going to be selecting their own clothes. Larger sizes were within reach of the older children.

The bookshop on this island is a gathering place for locals and tourists alike because of the warm old-fashioned feel of the exposed wood beams, wood tables and walls. It invites people to hang around a while, just like the elements in the store have hung around for a while. 

Unconsciously, older customers feel comfortable in an older store; age has value.

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