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Will my space look Asian?

Only if that's your preference. Feng Shui Psychology works with your existing furnishings, contents, and style. The changes to your space will more accurately reflect the nature of your business, or your personality, if it's a home. The goal is to make you and your space more effective for the tasks at hand - a more harmonious home, easier work flow, financial invigoration, etc.


How Feng Shui Psychology different?

Dr. Morris, who has a masters in counseling psychology and a doctorate in depth psychology, uses the archetypal tools of Feng Shui such as the Bagua, yin-yang, the 5 elements, archetyping, and depth psychological understanding, to match personalities to spaces, and spaces to tasks. It is Feng Shui at a deeper psychological level, so the results are more potent.


What are archetypes?

In the Platonic view, they are the essential forms or ideas that transcend time and the visible world, to give it form and meaning. A thing, place, person, or idea is beautiful because the archetype of Beauty is present. Human behavior, thought, and emotion fall into predictable universal patterns governed by archetypes.  Spaces all have archetypal elements in them.  Determining which archetypal dynamic you want to constellate is part of a good feng shui consultation.  Do you want to create certain thinking? Stir particular feelings? A property with a water view archetypally constellates a sense of expansiveness, possibility, calm.  A poshly decorated store can make patrons feel special, a feeling for which people are willing to pay more than usual for an item.



How do medical, dental, or psychotherapy clients benefit?

We view the space from a Feng Shui Psychology perspective and tap into the patient's experience. The clinician is can then make changes to their space to provide their patients with a more relaxing, less distracting, healing setting.   Staff and clinicians benefit by feeling more focused and effective in their work.

What does a business consultation entail?

By interviewing all relevant parties about the business challenges and desired outcomes, and doing detailed analysis of the space, the people and space solutions become apparent.  We bring the environment and people into mutually beneficial alignment using a comprehensive assessment tool which guides the implementation of the needed changes. 


How do realtors and their clients benefit?


In a number of ways. We give realtors a complementary elemental personality test. Knowing one's personality type lets you leverage your strengths and minimize your weaker areas. It enables you to select the best elements to have in your work setting and the most success-foster setting for you.

Realtor's clients are given an archetypal assessment to elicit the unconscious controlling influences that effect their property preferences. These are often influences they are not conscious of.  They are also given an elemental personality testing to determine the most suitable properties. This information reduces time spent looking at wrong properties, choice overload and fatigue, and confusion. It translates into quicker turns and more time for new business.

How can builders and remodelers benefit? 


Builders are in the building business, not the psychotherapy business, but often they are thrust into the role of psychotherapists when clients argue amongst themselves, can't make decisions, or change their minds so often the job suffers.

We assess your clients with tests they enjoy doing, at the outset of the project. The information from these tests gives both you and the client a clear actionable understanding of the client and their needs, and a way to deal with conflict and ambiguity.  Clients feel heard and seen, and you have a satisfied client who isn't driving you crazy. 

How can people wishing to buy or sell a home benefit from Feng Shui Psychology?

Few people enjoy the process of changing homes. Going through one's possessions in preparation for moving is energetically taxing for good reason: you are not just deciding on what do with item, you are touching memories, experiencing feelings, trying to imagine the future and the utility or desirabilty of this item five years from now multiplied by hundreds of items. In Feng Shui terms, this requires a great deal of personal chi.  Having a professional be both a sounding board, a witness, and an additional source of chi, makes the process so much easier.  I have moved many times in my life, and my easiest moves always involved the help and guidance of others.


Once you've found a new home, deciding where to put things can be time and energy consuming. Save your energy to enjoy your home. Give yourself the gift of professional care with a Feng Shui Psychology move-in consultation.


What is depth psychology?

Depth psychology is not a well-known field of psychology despite its heritage, which harkens back to Freud and Jung. 

Depth Psychology focuses on what lies below the surface of conscious awareness in order to identify the unconscious forces that color mood, guide thinking, and determine behavior.  This dimension of psychic reality is revealed in the choice of one's possessions, home, placement of things, one's appearance, dreams, complaints, and symptoms. psychology are Images, symbols, metaphors, and the interplay between the aesthetics of the natural world and human experience are core concepts in depth psychology.


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