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I offer hands-on workshops that attendees love! 

The most popular workshops are:

  •  Self-discovery through Feng Shui

  •  How to Clear Clutter Quickly with Feng Shui

  •  How to Get More Done with Feng Shui

  •  How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

The Power of the Workshops: 

Participants learn how Feng Shui is a depth psychological tool which unearths a room or a home’s hidden stories, invisible others, dreams, and fantasies.  The room/home can be seen as our unconscious and Feng Shui a portal to the messages of the unconscious.


I began doing research on space by studying psychiatrists’ consultories, including a visit to Jung’s consultory in Zurich. I concluded that entering each consultory is like opening a book. The door becomes the vertical book cover, which opens onto the silent stories within—stories that might never have been spoken aloud or which may never have be spoken of at all.


Stories are “written” in the text of the things and their placement in the room – wherever the room – a consultory or your bedroom. The things in our spaces captivate our imagination, constellate emotions, call forth memories, and trigger behaviors and patterns of thinking. And, they affect visitors to the space. The “text” of a room directs the movement of the body through it and in it in the same way that page numbers direct the reader through a book.


Rooms, like books, have “authors” who decide what elements and images they will bring in to the room, what ambience they wish to create, how much of themselves they wish to reveal, what they want visitors to think of them, what the theme and function will be, and perhaps an attempt to comfort or coerce. Visitors see the story told by the room through the lenses of their physiology, their history, and imagination.

Participants always go home with a surplus of newly released psychic energy with which to work on their spaces.

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