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Professional Offices Effect

Client's Assessment of the Professional and Willingness to Follow Their Advice 



"Dr. Gerlein's office is a retreat. When I get here with my 12-year old, I relax. He pops over to the cafe area of the waiting room to use one of the iPads. I get a coffee, while my 10-year old watches kid-friendly videos. The staff and the office are friendly." 

"I thought Dr. D's office was a bit funky, but then I'm a strange guy. The masks, weird little items on the table, stuff on the floor, coupled with the rocking chair made me comfortable enough talk about my weird stuff."

"When I first entered this office, the new furniture, fancy wallpaper, and large flatscreen impressed me. I thought this is an upscale practice. That thought changed when I homemade notices taped sloppily to the glass that separated patients from staff.  I felt like I was in a poorly run government agency office; my confidence in the doctor I was to see dropped."

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