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Environmental Surprises Amp Up Dental Visit Anxiety

I was going to do a consultation for a dental practice client. As part of my consultation, I want to know how a client experiences with the dental practice.  This includes what I see en route to the office.  How easy is it to find the office building while driving or walking, finding parking, and then locating the office within the building? more


The Workplace: One Size Does Not Fit All

Researchers studying office design have concentrated on open-plan workplaces. Many companies began migrating away from fixed wall private offices in the 1970s because of the reduced construction and maintenance costs and the flexibility that the open plan concept offered. more

Kitchen Confidence

Written for Upscale Remodeling Magazine, this tells contractors how to work with clients doing a kitchen remodel.   Evaluate existing kitchens by observing the client’s use of the space is a novel and informative way to understand your clients’ needs, perhaps even better than they do. more

Executive Office Check-Up Reveals Fear

Think good design is all an executive office requires? Think again, and deeper: Depth psychologist puts the office on the couch and improves executives’ performance. more

How to Create a Psychologically Age-Appropriate Child’s Room

Our adult idea of what constitutes a great bedroom differs from a child’s idea in ways we may not be aware of. “Many youngsters identify with their environment in a symbolic way.  Surprisingly, “features that might appear unimportant to adults actually form key elements of the nurturing environment for a child”, according to research by the British Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. more

The Power of Place: Physical Environment Reinforces Who We Are

In mythology, film, literature, and daily living, setting is important: Zeus on Mt. Olympus, Poseidon in the sea, Hades in the underworld, Artemis in the forest, and Hestia at the hearth inside the temple.  In film, as in literature and in daily life, the words “don’t move”, when uttered in a doctors’ office versus in a jungle, or on stage, or in a dark deserted alleyway, conjure different meanings because of the setting.


​How to Select a Good Retail Location

When selecting a location for a retail business, consider the immediate context of the space.  The story that follows tells of a store that opened in a ‘good’ location geographically, demographically, traffic and parking-wise.  However, it had a few serious deficits: the flow of the energy from the immediate surroundings. more


10 Tips for Organizing Your Space and Time Using Feng Shui Psychology 

 Accept what is without judgment.  If you have paper mounds, overflowing closets, are often running behind schedule, or trying to do too much, accept that as your reality.  Change cannot happen until we see what is, and let go of denial or excuse making about our situation.  The mounds won’t go away, the closets won’t get organized as long as we’re not accepting things as they truly are. more

Tips to Turn a Bad Retail Setting into a Good One

Is there such a thing as 'bad Feng Shui'?  Yes. Bad Feng Shui shows up in a variety of ways.  When the energy of the outside world, or chi, that is carried by people, money, opportunities, has difficulty finding your front door, you have a case of bad feng shui. more

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