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Your Space Affects Mood, Mindset, and Performance
Lena is a mom and a graphic designer with a home office. She needs a space that would keep her focused on her business. Her archetypal test showed that she was extremely creative but also distractable.  
      Her artsy office was fun at first glance, but the pictures and playful trinkets were little mental triggers that distracted her and that affected her work. Lena had trouble finishing jobs on time and
the stress of that put a damper on her creativity. 
Lena began to doubt her skills.
    I knew she needed an office that had 'clear vistas' where she could look and not be visually stimulated.
We reduced the stimulation by having only:
      - limited artwork
      - a select number of pens and pencils
      - her datebook
      - a notebook to sketch out ideas 
      - a clock to keep her focused on the time 
      - a filing system tucked in the closet. 

 The new visually quiet office restored her     
 creativity and she got her jobs completed on          schedule. And, she wasn't as tired at the end of
 the day.  

Mood, mindset, and performance can be enhanced by making changes in your home office.

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