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Feng Shui'd Spaces Get Results

“You led to me realize that I wasn’t moving forward.  I worked long hours, but I never felt productive; I never felt finished.  Everything in the office is chattering all the time: file me, look at me, read me!  After working with you, my space, is more calming, direct and focused. Even my colleagues have noticed a difference. Thank you Katherine."


 - H. English, ​Director of the Sustainable ​

    Buildings Industry Council

​“We’ve had many consultants come in and work with us.  None of them has listened to us the way you did. You wanted to hear what we had to say. I really appreciated that. 

    Your recommendations were right on! Guests of the hotel came to our event and they were comfy and cozy. Thank you so much.”


- Director, Project Management, Marriott ​

"As a lawyer specializing in estate work, credibility  and client confidence is key to my professional success. You showed me  how the whimsical toys on my desk and the oppressive cabinetry were working against me. I removed them and immediately felt my confidence spike. I present a much more credible image to clients now.


- D. V., Washington, DC


Dr. Morris helped us to see how the layout of our studio space affected our clients both consciously and subconsciously.   

She helped us see our space in a new light, and through

Dr. Katherine suggested a number of simple, inexpensive suggestions – including just rearranging furniture – helped us create a space which welcomes our clients.  Our business has increased, and the comment we hear most often from new clients?  “Wow, you have quite a beautiful studio here!”  Thank you again for your work with us!

    - Grace Gori, M.M., mezzo-soprano,  Aurelius H. Gori,   

       D.M.A., baritone​


​​"Letting go of stuff has never been easy for me.  In preparing for a move to a new home, I trembled at the thought of downsizing.

     You kindly helped me part with things with ease.  Thank you for the peace and order you brought to this arduous process.​"


 - Vivian R., Bethesda, MD




 “Periodically, I’ve done major overhauls of my office and my home... and then I revert back to the way things were. With you I didn’t feel that kind of effort; each change gave me the impetus to make the next. I feel differently about the process, for I understand it. I’m seeing my life anew.”


-  Ms. M. Harvey, Forestry Consultant,      

   Washington, DC​ 



"My husband and I were not sure of type of home we wanted until we worked with you. The test you did with us narrowed down our must haves in a home. We saved hours by looking only at homes that had our must haves!

- R. Schirripa, NYC

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