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    Clients like feng shui psychology.

"I was delighted to work with you. Your integration of Jungian psychology and Feng Shui practice was evident both by your insightful suggestions and the positive impact of these suggestions in my own practice."-  Rachel Lenn, Ph.D., CPG  Psychologist,  Potomac, MD

"I just really want to thank you for how you helped us with our office space. Today I feel so much more refreshed and calm in the office. I feel myself being more productive and I am so much more focused. It really makes a difference with me and I just wanted to share my utmost gratitude. Thank you so incredibly much." - K. Traubert, The National Center for Whole Psychiatry,  

   Chevy Chase, MD

"I was very happy with my first experience working with you on one of my offices. I appreciated never feeling that there was anything wrong with the space - it just needing some tweaking to improve it. I was considering a new space and you told me not to take it; take the one next to it which cost a bit more.


I'm glad I took your advice: I had no trouble subletting it but the doctor who took the space I was going to take could not find anyone who wanted to sublet it. What's more, my patients consistently commented on the warmth and comfort they felt. I appreciated your guidance about what  artwork to hang where and how to arrange the furniture. You know I'll call you again when I take another office."

 - Gerry Russo, LCSW, CASAC, Psychotherapist, NYC  

"As a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst I was trained to believe my office space was neutral and revealed nothing about me to my patients. My view shifted radically after working with Katherine.

        Before doing working with her, it - it was not as conscious to me how representative my space is of me. And so it's in the immediacy of being asked the question that you suddenly realize, Whoa, wait a minute. That my space says a lot about me!" 

- Dr. A.S., Physician, New York, NY​

"I see that all of my diplomas are sitting on the floor in the power area. I do have issues with my professional power."

- Dr. A. H., Chevy Chase, MD





"The elephant in the room is the room. I was trained to dissuade clients from talking about our offices; to see it as their issue, having nothing to with us. 

- S. R., LCSW, Psychoanalyst, Scarsdale, NY













"The experience of working with you was quite interesting. As a psychiatrist, it was a bit unnerving to be answering personal questions in my own office. I appreciated the increased awareness of how elements of spatial arrangements do affected how I feel, and what unconscious meaning some of them hold for me. I don’t think I would have arrived at these realizations on my own, at least not as quickly.  ​​After your suggestions were implemented, one very perceptive patient, who is a visual artist, commented on the new furniture arrangement in a way that mirrored what you had predicted. The changes suggested were positive and eye-opening."- E.K., Psychiatrist, NYC​

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