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Green Isn't Enough

We are waking up to the importance of living in a healthier environment, for our sake and the sake of our children, and the sake of the planet.

Feng Shui predates the idea of psychological sustainability, but that is part of what Feng Shui seeks to achieve - humans living in physical and psychological harmony with their environment.

Going 'green' isn't enough to maintain the sustainability of a property - be it a residence or a commercial building or district. For something to last into the future it must possess 'psychological sustainability.' Psychological sustainability includes how we feel about a place - do we love being in the place? Does it bring us down or inspire us? Does it make us feel trapped, or do we feel more connected to nature?

Looks and personality matter

Psychological sustainability considers the visual appeal, the desirability, the historical connection the property possesses. Endurance over time is valued. Psychological sustainability examines the story the property tells and wonders if that story will matter in ten or twenty years. What it gives to the community at large, the composite feel and function of the block, town, or city. What kind of personality does the property have? (Just as with people, we prefer some types or personalities over others. A property can be friendly and welcoming, or uptight and difficult to deal with, for example, with as many permutations as humans have.) Do you want this kind of personality around for a long time?

How well does is serve you?

Does the property foster relationships amongst neighbors?

Do you feel safe and comfortable in it?

Does it have enough mystery or novelty to keep you interested over the long haul?

Does it meet a particular job description?

These are just a few of the ways psychological sustainability looks at a property to assess its sustainability. Simply being 'green' does not assure that we will want the property to be around that long - or ever. And, if we don’t find our properties appealing, we will not care for them.

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