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Clear Your Pathways in Your Home

Pathways and your life

Let’s take a walk around your home. Is it easy to get around in or do you have to wind your way between furniture or architectural elements?

If it’s easy to get around – good for you.

We look at the psychological impact of the your setting on you.

What is the psychological message you’re getting if it isn’t so easy to move fluidly from one room to another or through one part of a room to another?

Say you have a table in your hallway and you have to walk change your path to walk around that table – what might that mean psychologically?

It could mean you’re used to having obstacles in your path.

It could mean that you PUT obstacles in your path.

I’m going to suggest that you look around for obstacles in the pathways in your home. You know the stuff you have to step over or walk around…

I want you to move them – keep the path clear for at least 3 weeks. Notice how you feel with your paths cleared.

In 3 weeks put the stuff – the furniture – the dirty clothes – back in the path where they were. You won't want to and that's good. Enjoy the newfound ease of flow through your home and your life!

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